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Hydrodynamic Screw
Bucket Elevators

Hydroscrew Bucket Elevators are designed for the vertical transport of materials such as cereals and similar products having a grain size between 1 and 3mm. Powders can be equally handled.

Hydroscrew Bucket Elevators, which are characterised by elevation speeds of between 1.6 – 3.1m/s and varying number of buckets per metre, are available in three standard versions, with internal widths between 186 - 525mm and heights to suit your particular application and are supplied with:

• ATEX II3D T4 certification

• Bolted head, foot and intermediate casing sections to facilitate assembly and maintenance operations

• Calendered head casing to preserve the characteristics of the     material handled

• Anti-side-skid alignment sensors for controlling the belt

• Rotation sensors for checking the rotation of the transmission drum

• Certified anti-explosion pressure relief panels

• Inspection and bucket assembly section

• Plexiglass viewers on head and foot section


Various options and solutions are available on request:

• in 304 / 316 stainless steel

• with an inspection platform on the head section

• with connections for a de-dusting system

• with anti-wear shields on loading and discharge

• with a hydraulic coupling on the drive unit

• with buckets of various materials and characteristics

(Pictured - Large format Bucket Elevator)

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