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Hydrodynamic Screw


CPS Screw Compactors consist of a conveyor trough in stainless steel, a shaftless extra-heavy-duty spiral in carbon steel, a compacting and dewatering discharge module, a return duct for squeezed out water, and a drive unit suitable for the application.  



 Three functions in one unit:
1) Conveying
2) Dewatering
3) Compacting
The volume of the screenings is strongly reduced (depending on the type of use, screenings reduction of up to 40% in volume can be obtained). The absence of internal bearings makes CPS Screw Compactors particularly maintenance-friendly. They facilitate numerous applications with intermittent operation.
The CPS/V version is particularly suitable for soft materials, whereas the CPW version provides additional washing of the screenings.

The CPS model is often used for brewery spent grain dewatering.


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