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Hydrodynamic Screw

The hydrodynamic screw harnesses energy from the fall of water. With a conventional turbine, wheel or propeller comes in contact with water at only one point along the water's drop, the hydrodynamic screw captures energy along its entire length. This energy is transferred into rotational movement by the robust steel spiral of the screw and subsequently drives a generator which generates electricity.

High Efficiency:
• The hydrodynamic screw maintains high efficiency in a wide range of flows
• Higher efficiencies than comparable turbines and waterwheels
• The screw continues to harness power from the water even during low summer river levels, down to 20% of the design flow
• Efficiencies of up to 90%

• Low rotational speeds
• Minimal components subject to wear
• Design life of 25-40 years
• Low maintenance

Fish Friendly:
• Proven research and testing have shown the fish friendliness of the hydro-screw
• Each segment of water is moved as whole so fish up to 1 metre long can move down the screw in each and emerge unharmed at the bottom
• The screw is a common method of fish transfer in America
• This unique feature has led to approval form the Environment Agency

No costly fine screening:
• Due the screw's ability to safely pass large items and fish, only an inexpensive coarse screen is needed to protect the screw

• Can be designed for flows ranging from as little as 100 litres/s up to 15,000 litres/s
• Can be installed in places where the head (fall of water) is as low as 1.25m.

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