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Hydrodynamic Screw

Refurbishment & Repairs

One of the inherent problems associated with screw conveyors or augers is wear. There is also the occasional issue of damage during use. Hydroscrew’s experience and expertise saves our customers time and money by repairing existing assemblies as an alternative to building new.

With 35 years experience in the industry, we have worked with a wide variety of customers. From the local farmer who is working on his own equipment, to multi-nationals on maintenance shut down. Hydroscrew has offered a timely and cost effective alternative to purchasing new equipment by supplying replacement screw flighting to customer specifications to do their own repairs, or by bringing a customer’s screw into our workshop for us to rework to meet their needs. Hydroscrew can offer an estimate based on your description or a fixed quotation after receiving your damaged screw. We will discuss options with you that will help meet your budget and time constraints.

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Because the wearing parts of a screw conveyor are by definition permanently hidden, they are often overlooked by maintenance staff resulting in catastrophic failure and expensive repairs/replacement. Not to mention the cost of plant down-time. We have had cases where screws have obviously been on the point of failure for years but only actually come to light when it’s too late!

Hydroscrew offer a service whereby experienced engineers will make periodic inspections at intervals to suit you, and submit a written report allowing you to take timeous corrective action. Our clients have proved that this service has paid for itself many times over by averting loss of profits caused by plant down-time.

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