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Hydrodynamic Screw


The WASTEMASTER® TSF V01 is a Compact Plant for the mechanical pre-treatment of waste water. The machine consists of a screen with a shaftless screw for solids extraction and a tank for the sedimentation of sand, as well as flotation for grease (TSF 3 only).
In the bottom of the tank a shaftless screw is installed together with an oblique extracting screw for sand removal.
The TSF 3 also includes a system for the removal of grease and floating matter in general with an innovative scraper (patent pending).


Waste water from the sewers flows through a pipe connection into the WASTEMASTER® TSF V01 Mechanical Pre-treatment Plant. In the first phase, gross solids larger in size than the slots of the screen is separated. Subsequently the waste water enters the tank where the process of sand sedimentation and the removal of greasy floating matter (TSF 3 only) starts.
After the pre-treatment the waste water proceeds to further treatment, whereas the de-watered solids are ready for disposal.


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